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Comprehensive Property Tax Consultants & Property Tax Outsourcing Specialists

Controlling tax payments: involves a full tax bill audit and payment service for both personal property and real estate assessments, which includes compiling comprehensive inventory of all tax parcels, recording final taxable values, verifying correct tax amounts due, reporting final value and tax, and securing the tax bill from the tax collector.

Perform audit of each bill: after identifying the gross tax due along with discounts and installment options, we send you the bill with pay instructions or pay taxes directly to the tax collector for you.

Oversee staff of property tax valuation professionals and support staff: We partner with the most qualified experts and manage the appeal process by supporting the property tax representative with development and presentation of the property tax appeals.

Identify and gather data to oversee the property tax representative in preparation of tax appeals to ensure tax compliance with state and local taxing authorities.

Review data for accuracy and general ledger recording practices. We also identify any other site-specific issues negatively affecting the values of the properties.

Submit data to the property tax representative and manage the appeal throughout the process.

Monitor assessments: both real and personal subject properties.

Enter data: we accurately enter all tax valuation notices in the payment system and process all tax payments for a geographic area in a timely manner.

Prioritize workload depending on near term due dates.

Respond: client communication is key, which is why we respond to questions about business transactions from business units or departments in a timely manner. We also answer questions from the property tax representative regarding the data required for the appeal.

Ensure proper documentation of tax filings and tax receipts for audits.

Special projects: as needed, we assist with recurring and special projects, prepare various reports utilizing real estate software at management’s request, and work independently as well as within a cross-functional project team environment.

Prepare upstream accruals for accounting.

Coordinate multiple services to client: property tax administration, budgets, savings reports, and expansion of the account relationship.

Prepare agendas and materials for client meetings and making written/oral presentations to property tax client.

Complimentary Tax Consultation Regarding Property Tax Needs Nationwide

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