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PPTOG’s Tax Consulting

Unlike most other tax consulting firms, PPTOG is a nationwide network of property tax consultants from the country’s best consultants and attorneys from various firms. PPTOG does not have the constraints of other consulting firms that are tied to their group of consultants and cannot cover the entire country with the required expertise.

PPTOG’s Outsourcing Services

The outsourcing decision is a strategic cost savings opportunity of non-core activities like property tax, which requires flawless execution. PPTOG will provide a broad range of experience in this field enabling you and your team to focus on their core business activities. Property Tax appeal management requires specialized skills in this quasi-legal activity with thorough understanding of critical deadlines, re-assessment cycles and understanding the balance between corporate objectives and the taxing authority tolerance.

Our Objective

PPTOG’s objective is to become a client’s property tax department to handle all property tax functions working to ensure the client’s needs. These services involve strategic support in addition to preparation of all property tax-related documents. Through timely communication with you, our outsourcing and consulting will free up the workload of corporate asset managers and property managers who simply do not have the time and expertise to focus on these specialized tax areas.

Our Approach

At PPTOG’s property tax consulting practice, we provide a high level of client service while adding significant value and flexibility through our team approach. Our team’s vast amount of hands-on experience in various areas of real estate allow us to continuously develop our valuation methods and tax appeal strategies to address evolving technologies, government regulations, and market change conditions which results in substantial tax savings for our clients.

Complimentary Tax Consultation Regarding Property Tax Needs Nationwide

Contact PPTOG today to discuss your property tax needs. Call (630) 613-8146 or email us at 7 days a week. PPTOG is dedicated to providing clients with real property tax solutions and efficient and effective consulting services that allow businesses to focus on their core services.

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