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Comprehensive Property Tax Consultants & Property Tax Outsourcing Specialists

As the leader of PPTOG, I am proud of the reputation I have earned in the property tax consulting field; few property tax consulting firms have the extensive background and bench strength that I bring to clients. I have compiled and manage a network of determined consultants who work for me in the resolution of all appeal matters. The experience in managing large national practices and meeting corporate financial objectives enables me to provide meaningful results, and I understand what the clients need because I was a client in my past life.

Not only am I proactive and responsive in my communication, but I consider client service as my top priority, which ensures a successful project and positive client experience.

I meet with my clients to fully understand their financials, assets, and any other variables to develop an actual verses pro-forma analysis through industry resources. Then I apply capitalization rates extracted from sales through published investor surveys and through the band of investment technique.

I look forward to providing this experience to your group.

Lori Ann Ogolini

Complimentary Tax Consultation Regarding Property Tax Needs Nationwide

Contact PPTOG today to discuss your property tax needs. Call (630) 613-8146 or email us at laogolini@pptog.com 7 days a week. PPTOG is dedicated to providing clients with real property tax solutions and efficient and effective consulting services that allow businesses to focus on their core services.

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